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The End User Cancellation section defines options that may allow users to postpone the installation.

EndUser Cancellation section



Use this setting to activate end-user cancellation. It is polite and could even be business-critical that end users are questioned prior to installation.

The following options are available:
Always: The installation will always question the end user. Be aware that the dialog will be shown even though that no user is logged to the workstation/server

If User Logged On: The user will be asked whether or not the installation should be allowed only if he or she is logged on. If the user is not logged on, then the script/program will execute immediately as scheduled.

Never: The installation will always occur as scheduled; the user will not be able to postpone it. Use this for critical updates or for installations that have no impact on user productivity when they run.


Use this setting to specify the number of times an end-user can postpone the installation.

Specify zero to allow unlimited cancellations (9999)

Expiration Date

Use this setting to apply a date after which no further cancellations will be allowed. Leave this blank to allow perpetual cancellations until the cancellation limit (if any, see above) is reached. Select the date using the short date format established for your operating system. Usually, this will be according to the standard for your country. Alternatively, you can select a date from a calendar by clicking on the Browse link, which opens a calendar in a pop-up window.

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