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 Download CapaInstaller® Software and Utilities or Related Guides


Please make sure you have the following prerequisites installed before you launch the CapaInstaller® Setup.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1

CapaInstaller  6.0.100 (Latest)

CapaInstaller 6.0 Web installer

CapaInstaller 6.0 Release notes

CapaInstaller 6.0.100 Full Installation Media for Admin Installation.

Download admin installation media for CapaInstaller 6.0 (offline installation).

CapaInstaller 6.0 Installation Media Build 100

CapaInstaller  5.8.100 

CapaInstaller 5.8 Web installer

CapaInstaller 5.8 Release notes

More downloads

For more downloads, guidelines and knowledgebase articles please log in to our self-service portal here:

CapaInstaller 6.0 Guides

How to install

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